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New Gears of War game confirmed for E3 2012

The Gadget Show  Friday 01 June 2012

New Gears of War game confirmed for E3 2012

Here’s a welcome surprise just before E3 2012. A new Gears of War game has been revealed, accompanied by unseen teaser images hinting at a prequel to the Xbox-exclusive Gears of War trilogy, and a hint it could be made by the team behind 2011’s Bulletstorm. 

The reveal was made by US games magazine Game Informer, which has a record of securing exclusive game announcements in the US. The mag’s website confirmed the new Gears of War game will be shown off at Microsoft’s E3 2012 press conference this Monday, and that it is coming to Xbox 360.

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Story-wise, little has been given away, but teaser images reveal a man in chains, thought to be series protagonist Marcus, flanked by security guards. The new Gears of War looks likely to be a prequel, beginning with Marcus trapped in a cell. Other rumours suggest that it could be Marcus’ father.

There are also rumours that Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly are also involved with developing the new Gears of War. First-person shooter Bulletstorm was one of 2011’s early hits, developed with help from Gears of War creator Epic Games.

In our Bulletstorm review, we said it was the “most fun we’ve had playing a shooter for a long time,” so Gears of War fans can rest easy that the new game would be in safe hands, of so.

The answers to all of these questions will be revealed at E3 2012 this Monday. The big surprise is the fact that Microsoft chose to reveal the game before E3. Is Microsoft saving the show for something even bigger? The announcement of a new Xbox has been rumoured, although that still remains unlikely. 

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