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Microsoft Xbox 360 S on sale today

The Gadget Show  Friday 16 July 2010

Microsoft Xbox 360 S on sale today Microsoft 360 S – slim pickings

The Xbox 360 S, Microsoft’s new svelte Xbox model hits the shelves in the UK today and hundreds of GAME and Gamestation stores opened at midnight to let eager Xbox fans take home a slimmed-down slab as early as possible.

And it looks as if the new console could become a hit – specs include integrated WiFi, a 250GB hard drive, a super-quiet fan and a dedicated Microsoft Kinect port.

There are also rumours of a (presumably much cheaper) 4GB Arcade version of the console, but this has yet to be confirmed by Microsoft, so probably best to serve with a grain of salt. Fictional machines aside, Microsoft has reported that Xbox has enjoyed a sales upturn of 88 per cent from June last year.

The Xbox 360 S is on sale now for £199.99. What do you think? Will you be buying a new Xbox S? let us know below…


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I definitely want one. I travel a lot and the big black brick comes with me so it has an obvious attraction but its a tough purchase to justify with my better half when I have a functioning machine. I never thought I'd be wishing FOR the red ring of death. For the moment I will suffer my desire and work on selling Kinect to her. It could be a great way to stay in touch while I'm away - of course I'd need 2 machines for that ;-)

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i dont agree yes its shiny and a little slimmer but i dont think it looks any better than the original, i personally have an xbox 360 elite and i havent used 1/8 of the space on that yet and i store everything on it. so i think paying 200 pound more for this is useless if your never gonna fill up the space.

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WOW! I'm off to go get one of these right now! my elite has been battling me constantly lately fighting for HDD space. Built in wifi is no use to me living where I live, the best connection we get is 8meg so its wired all the way for abox AND playstation, but everything else about this monster is enough for me :) OK so really I just love how it looks and my materialist side can't help but grab at it. HMV is only 2 minutes walk from my front door so the likelihood is that I already have this under my TV as you are reading. Looking forward to Kinect.. even looking forward to the tracking video chat now after reading Turbine's comments

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spenser barker

the new xbox is mint what do u see wrong in it

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my mum went to bbuy a xbox 360 slim on the day it came out and she left the house at 1.00pm so when i saw because it was a surprise it was amazing i opened the box and i have to be hounst it wasnt as a glossy black as i thought it would be i plugged it in and god it was so silent and i love the touch senservtivertiy on it and i was amazed how much memory it could hold this is a MUST BUY move over ps3 slim GO XBOX 360 SLIM

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I got my self the new xbox 360 slim, on the day it was release, and I like it. It is a better design than the old xbox 360 with its touch sensitive buttons, smaller sleeker design and built in wi-fi. a big problem is that it gets hot from the big fan on the side of the console. I recommend this new console to all worth the money.

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Getting mine tomorrow but will it suffer the same as the old one with RROD

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Picked one of these up and i cant believe how quiet it is ,also i love the new touch sensitive buttons and its alot smaller . Best machine on the market at the minute .

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I'm gonna be buying the 250gb version when I have the money XD But I've never had an XBox, and Ive been hearing of the red ring of death and stuff, Is that only on the older models? Or do I need to buy a fan? The sort of games I'd be playing are fable, halo, left for dead and stuff like that XD

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i think that it is not a waste of money to buy the new xbox because the xbox 360 arcade, and premium are not reliable and my xbox has broken many times and to fix it i have spent at least £100. this is a problem because i like to game and it stresses me out that i have spent alot of money on the xbox premium and on all the games. IF YOU LIKE TO GAME BUY HALO REACH, IT IS GREAT.

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this is so sick.i want one.i am getting one for xmas

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I got one A couple months ago, and I have loads of gamer points, Over 10 games and Xbox live. I'm a hardcore gamer. It's my first Xbox and I'm already a nerd at it. You can call me Mr.Xbox Nerd from now on!

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