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Meet the first Android tablet with a TV tuner built in!

The Gadget Show  Friday 04 January 2013

Meet the first Android tablet with a TV tuner built in!

Electronics manufacturer RCA is bringing the first ever tablet with a built-in TV tuner to the masses this spring, with the RCA Mobile TV Tablet. Who needs internet video streaming when you’ve got the real thing?

Toting both a standard over-the-air digital TV tuner, alongside a mobile TV tuner the 8-inch, Android powered tablet will be shown off at CES in Las Vegas next week. With a telescopic, pull-out antenna, the tablet could be a great gadget to keep up with your television shows on the move where there’s no Wi-Fi or poor data speeds, so long as you don’t prod yourself in the eye with it.

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The tablet sports a 1024×768 resolution touchscreen, along with Wi-Fi, dual cameras and GPS functionality built-in. It’s all powered by a Cortex A5 1GHz processor that’s more than capable of pushing broadcasts to you, alongside 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage space, and HDMI connectivity to get programmes on the big screen.

Who needs Angry Birds when you have some tunable television available right in your tablet? Let us know if you think this is a useful add-on or a pointless feature in the comments below.

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Hardly the first, ideal world shopping channel has had one for sale for weeks.

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What a load of tat, if you can't get Wi-Fi you not going to get a good signal that will show all the digital channels anyway. Sounds like a waste of time to me.

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Tom Gillitt

This development amongst others completely undermines the BBC Licence system we have in the UK. As a publicly funded broadcaster, it will become even harder to secure the income in the form of the licence payments as users of tablets, ipads, laptops etc. will be virtually untraceable. The technology is fine but the BBC should have restricted access to its sites originally by using the licence details as a password system for its too late. So great technology, but it may prove to be the demise of quality TV/Radio content.

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Why does it state the first when it's not,ideal world had one over xmas

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Chinese manufacturers have made android tablets with tv tuners for a long time. My dad ordered one last year in the summer. Probably this is the first android tablet with tv tuner which isn't chinese.

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@Tom Gillitt, TV licensing is the biggest scam ever, one of the only companies ever that you have to pay for the potential to use their service, saying you have to pay for a TV license for having a TV is like someone yelling in a crowd and then going around asking for a fiver for the service, "Why do i have to pay, i wasn't trying to listen to you", "You've got ears haven't you, pay up!".

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Its a great idea and about time. How is it possible that there has been portable tv for years and not one tablet had implemented a tv tuner or at least a tv tunner adapter. And for the person that thinks wifi has something to do with live broadcasting as far a a tunner pleas inform your self befor making your self look bad. They ar two diffrent systems.

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