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Limelight turns your Raspberry Pi into a Steam Machine!

The Gadget Show  Friday 17 January 2014

Limelight turns your Raspberry Pi into a Steam Machine!

The mighty Raspberry Pi low price PC can be used for all sorts of projects, from turning it into a Chromecast-style streamer to a mini arcade cabinet, but now it can do much more besides. You can now turn it into a next-gen gaming machine thanks to Limelight – a new piece of software that’ll let you stream over your new Steam games from your PC. Who needs a Steam Machine now?

Limelight makes use of similar game streaming magic to the tech Nvidia has crammed into its Nvidia Shield handheld, only it’s an open source version, so it’s free to try out. In fact, thanks to a port called Limelight Pi you can run it on your Raspberry Pi too, so for around £25, you can now stream top notch new releases from your PC in one room to your TV in another, something Valve is working on for SteamOS to make up for the initial lack of games on its new Linux-based platform to begin with.

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As with the Nvidia Shield, you’ll need one of Nvidia’s newer GTX 600 or 700 series graphics cards in your PC rig to get your games streamed over, but if you’ve got all the necessary hardware, you can get started right now. Currently, you can only play games with a keyboard and mouse, but there should be gamepad support on the way. In any case, it’s an awesome excuse to dust off your Pi if it’s been sitting in the corner, and it could be your ultra low-cost Steam Machine. If you want to get tinkering, you can find the necessary free code here, along with instructions too.

Limelight also works on other PCs and laptops running OS X, Windows or Linux, and there’s even an Android port that’ll let you sling over your games to your favourite gadgets running Google’s OS, including the Ouya, which may give the microconsole a new lease of life.

With Limelight bring Steam streaming to so many different pieces of hardware, including the low-priced Raspberry Pi, Valve might need to rethink its Steam Machine plans. Will you be giving Limelight a spin on your Pi, or will you test it out with your Android gizmo of choice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Antony Derham

THis is the final nail in the coffin for consoles. One PC can now dominate at the battlestation and in the living room. And with consoles costing more than their equivalents in PC, and their games costing twice as much, it's the end for Xbox and Playstation.

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Greg Cawthorne

Fine for offline games, but for competitive online multiplayer the extra latency maybe too much.

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william maguire

the end of consoles ?!?!? i really dont think so Antony.

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Lee Hughes

End of consoles? LMFAO ah thats a funny one. So you pretty much need a high end gaming pc for this to work. Casual gamers will go for the cheaper consoles everytime. As a PC and PS4 gamer, Ive found myself hardly touching my gaming pc lately because the ps4 is just so much simpler to use and virtually matches my pc for graphics.. Nah you are completely wrong this is far from final nail in coffin of consoles that was the funniest comment I've read regarding pc vs consoles.. Lol thanks for the laugh

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This comment has been removed.

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