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Is this what the Sony PlayStation 4 looks like?

The Gadget Show  Tuesday 21 May 2013

Is this what the Sony PlayStation 4 looks like?

Sony snagged a lot of buzz by teasing the new PlayStation 4 right before Microsoft’s big next-gen Xbox reveal, with a blurred video that shows some extreme close-ups of its brand new console. The hive mind on the web quickly got to work though, and pieced some of the puzzle together, coming up with this design of what the PS4 could look like, and it’s got everything seen in the teaser – is this Sony’s next console?

Redditor Albino-Zebra wasn’t satisfied with what Sony had to show and has come up with the mock-up seen above, which takes into account all of the snippets shown off in the teaser below – and it looks like it’s nearly all there. We’re not sure if the new console is rectangular, or if it’s as cube-like as the video suggests, but we already like the look of this mock-up more than the original PlayStation 3, which was frankly, massive.

Sony PS4 to get Kinect style voice control?

Nobody outside of Sony knows what the next console is going to look like until E3 rolls around, but the guesses are entertaining, and for all we know, this design could be bang on the money. We’ll be sure to fill you in on anything relating to Sony’s next big console, but you can look forward to seeing what Microsoft has in store for the next generation of Xbox later today.

Would you buy a PS4 with this design, or are you looking forward to what Microsoft is unveiling later today? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Will the next Xbox will come with augmented reality 3D glasses?


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i think ill be sticking to my ps3. it is a great console and the xbox 360 compliments it really well. i use the xbox for media and ps3 for gaming. although i will admit they are far from perfect they are still good enough to last for a few more years yet

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Depends on backwards compatability, microsoft screwed us over with the 360, at least PS were upfront about it. Have about 30 games on each so this would make up my desicion. John.

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I suppose we'll find out what it looks like in a few more weeks. Although the original PS3 was quite large it was a good looking piece of kit with a quality finish. Part of its size was, no doubt, down to putting the transformer inside the case rather than the large, external transformer that the XBox 360 came (and still comes) with . Adequate cooling, too, would dictate a larger size.

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The size of the PS3 was because of it's massive cooling system. If this machine is more powerful then I would expect it to be a lot larger than a PS3. The main reason consoles are unreliable is because they are suffocated inside a tiny box.

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My god that is ugly! I would expect that Sony (and Microsoft) will understand that if they are pushing their next consoles as media-hubs for the living room - they have to be desirable objects. Something you would want to have on show.

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PS4 Fan

I just came. Looks amazing and really hope it looks something like the mock-up.

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I'm not bothered at all what it looks like, I'm only interested in how it performs

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Personally I've always perferred the Playstation, It took me ages to migrate to a PS3 from the PS2. I'm not bothered how the consoles looks, It lives under the TV & does it's job.

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colin watson

unless the ps4 is backwards compatible. ill be sticking with my ps3.

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I really don't get people's issues with backwards compatibility. They day I get a new console is the day I stop playing on the old one. If you want to play your old games, just use your old console.

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Nick F

I DEFINATELY won't be getting the next gen PS4. After being a gamer for over 20 years and a Playstation fan since the first one came out. First one was very reliable, second one some technical issues and higher price tag. Third one even higher price tag, boasted bigger ad better things, it didn't deliver ad broke down with very little support from Sony I had to sort out my own PS3 issues, and they want me to trust them by shelling out MORE cash with the same sloppy build quality, reliability issues, and crappy tech support? Ha! NO they'll have to give it to me for FREE before I touch it. 'Fool me once, shame on you,fool me twice shame on me, fool me three times then you're some kind of Wizard!' I'll stick with my Ps3 thanks until the blu-ray/laser dies or it gets the YLOD,or the RLOD. Sorry Sony you betrayed my trust as a consumer. Btw Ben you can't very well play your old games on your old console if the things dead in the water can you? Think about it. Even if you go and buy a second hand console, kind of defeats the purpose of having the old one in the first place and still involves you spending more cash you you shouldn't have to in the first place? Nuff said people,soapbox now removed! 😜

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Am getting ps4 as soon as it comes out

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It just me or does the mock-up look like a laptop of some sort? And where's the disc drive?

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