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iPhone 5s: Where to get the best price

The Gadget Show  Wednesday 18 September 2013

iPhone 5s: Where to get the best price

We’ve not got long until Apple’s brand new iPhone 5s arrives. The eagerly awaited smartphone hits stores on Friday, but unlike in recent years, you won’t be able to pre-order it. Instead, you’ll have to order one on the day, or buy one in store. But where to get one? We’ve crunched the numbers and got our top picks for you here, whatever network you’re on.


Vodafone’s unveiled its price plans for the iPhone 5s, and if you spring for Vodafone, you’ll be treated to the company’s brand-new 4G network as well as the choice of free Sky Sports Mobile TV or Spotify Premium too. The network’s 4G-ready plans come with a handy minimum of 6GB of data, which is the standard 2GB you get with the base-level Vodafone Red 4G-Ready plan, plus a 4GB bonus if you sign up before the end of October – plenty to gobble down, and a reason to consider Vodafone if you’re a data hog.

The cheapest 24 month tariff that Vodafone offers is its Vodafone Red 4G-Ready, which comes up to £47 a month and nets you unlimited calls and texts, as well as 6GB of data and six months of Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV. You’ll still have to pay a pretty penny for the iPhone 5s itself, as it costs £79 for the 16GB model, £149 for the 32GB version and the top-end 64GB iPhone 5s is £229.

A fiver more will give you the L-sized Vodafone Red 4G plan, which comes with an additional 2GB of data, free Spotify or Sky Sports for the whole duration of your contract, and a cheaper cost of entry for the phone itself: £19 for the 16GB, £99 for the 32GB and £159 for the 64GB version – this might actually be worth your while if you also pay for Spotify Premium anyway, as that would normally cost a tenner per month. The XL plan meanwhile will set you back £57 each month, and grants you a massive 12GB of data to play with, along with cheaper costs for the phone itself: £19, £49 and £99 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB respectively.


The largest 4G network at the moment, EE, has also revealed its plans for the big day with a range of price plans on offer. The cheapest will set you back £26 each month – much less than Vodafone – and will grant you unlimited calls and texts along with 500MB of mobile data use, although the handset itself will cost you £259.99 upfront, and that’s just for the 16GB model.

If you’re wanting to pay as little as possible for your handset to begin with, EE’s offering the 16GB 5s for £19.99, but that’s only on its top plan which costs £51 a month – though that does comes with a ridiculous 20GB of data to use. Smack bang in the middle is the £36 a month tariff, which will net you 1.5GB of data along with unlimited calls and texts, while the 16GB handset will cost you £159.99. Double up your storage space for £269.99, while the 64GB handset will cost you £349.99.

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While not necessarily any cheaper in the long run, O2’s prices for the iPhone 5s are much more flexible, letting you choose how much you want to pay for the phone up-front, as well as which 4G airtime plan you fancy. You can pay £600 up-front for the 16GB 5s, or you can pay £25 each month with no up-front costs.

That doesn’t include airtime and data however, which you then add on as a separate package. Each plan comes with unlimited calls and texts, while you’ll be paying £22 each month for 1GB of data, up to £32 each month for a hefty 8GB plan. £169.99 for the phone up-front combined with the cheapest data plan will set you back £37 monthly for two years, which is our favourite pick of all the networks if you don’t use too much data each month, although the choice is yours to play with on the O2 website.


Three’s updated its website with its price plans for the iPhone 5s, and if you plonk down your hard earned cash to the network, you’ll eventually be treated to free 4G access when it starts to roll out in December. Three’s plans start from as low as £37 per month for the 16GB iPhone 5s, although you do have to pay an up-front cost of £99 – and that tariff gives you all-you-can-eat data, 500 minutes and 5000 texts. The same tariff will cost you a fiver extra for the 32GB phone, while it’s another fiver on top for the 64GB with the same fixed £99 cost of entry on both plans. If you don’t want to pay anything upfront for your iPhone 5s, you can opt for The One Plan which will cost you £52 a month for the 16GB phone, while its £57 each month for the 32GB version.


If you don’t want to be tied into a long contract, or you have a great SIM-only plan already, you can grab Apple’s latest blower unlocked from the company itself. We expect Apple Stores across the country to be jampacked with eager fans waiting to get their hands on the brand new iPhone, although on the day you should be able to order from the comfort of your own home on Apple’s website. SIM-free and unlocked will cost you £549 for the 16GB model, while you can grab the 32GB version for £629, while it’s an eye-watering £709 for the top-end 64GB model. Sadly, there aren’t any other options just yet – Amazon, for instance, has yet to list the 5s – but we’ll update with any bargains when we find them.

What matters most to you, data or price? Will you be grabbing an iPhone 5s on release day, are you springing for the 5c or have you already got your dream phone? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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