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Grand Theft Auto V first trailer reveals San Andreas location

The Gadget Show  Thursday 03 November 2011

Grand Theft Auto V first trailer reveals San Andreas location

Grand Theft Auto V will return to San Andreas, Rockstar Games has confirmed in the game’s first ever trailer. Read on to find out more.

Confirmation of the location comes a week after Rockstar Games had gotten Grand Theft Auto fans all excited simply by posting a picture of the game’s logo on its website. Since then, speculation has been rife as to where Grand Theft Auto V was to be set. Reports soon sussed that San Andreas would be it, and it’s now been confirmed.

Grand Theft Auto V official launch

The trailer itself reveals the sandy beaches, mountains, golf courses, sunny suburbs and landmarks that Grand Theft Auto V players will soon be visiting. Look out for the Hollywood-esque Vinewood sign making an appearance.

Grand Theft Auto V reveal: Five things we want to see

Alongside the glorious backdrop, a man who appears to be the protagonist explains that he moved there to Vinewood to retire. Reports are already suggesting that this could mean a follow-up involving a past Grand Theft Auto character.

Not seen the trailer yet? Click here to watch it in full.


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A release date could be embedded in the trailer: '2405' is marked on the curb in the scene featuring the 'For Sale' sign being knocked into the ground approx. 0:55sec into the trailer - suggesting the 24th May 2012 which by Rockstar's history of release dates it would match the mid-late 2012 date that more than a few people are expecting the game to be launched. There's also a lot of talk about the blue car's registration plates: '04EAY868' this code has been Googled by many and the results are dead. However, more on the trailer features...the cars are very modern, based-on real cars, for example the Red car that folds down its roof at 0:23secs looks to be 'inspired' by a Ferrari California, the sound of the engine and the exhaust layout is some-what similar PLUS there is evidence of the Player being able to control the car's roof function - instead of being permanently fixed with a hard top or a convertible as seen in previous titles. An Audi R8 Spyder-like car is also seen in the trailer 0:57secs, the Audi R8 Spyder was launched in 2010. All of which indicates the games time period is very recent and by the looks of the environment, recession has made an impact in the game, also that subtle hint in the GTA's logo, more specifically the 'V' is created from samples of the American $5 note. The jet which is more than likely the new Hydra replacement, looks to be 'inspired' by the Lockheed Martin F-35 which is the same jet used in the Die Hard 4.0 film that tries to shoot-up Willis. And just like the Hydra beforehand, it can do what a Harrier can do, but even better...and way cooler! Also weapons may have expanded into weapon mods - silenced AK-47's (0:47secs) also gas masks are worn in the same scene - gas/smoke bombs perhaps? Hopefully Rockstar will launch this game and blow our minds with what appears to be better graphics, more detail, and more features. If we do play as the old guy in the trailer, this would make sense. There's a guy at 0:47secs that looks like a younger version of we play as the younger version of the old guy?

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