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From Samsung Galaxy S5 to iWatch, the gadgets we can't wait for in 2014

The Gadget Show  Wednesday 01 January 2014

From Samsung Galaxy S5 to iWatch, the gadgets we can't wait for in 2014

This was an incredible year for gadgets, but 2014 looks even better. From Apple’s much rumoured iWatch to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and next-gen Android games consoles, here’s a look at the next big things in tech we can’t wait for – we’re sure you’ll agree.

Apple iWatch

The rumour mill has been buzzing for months and months, but it looks like 2014 could be the year that Apple finally reveals its iWatch. Samsung and Sony have both launched new smartwatches this year, along with other efforts from other makers like the Pebble. Is 2014 going to be Apple’s year for the smartwatch? With rumours that it’ll be making its appearance in October, there’s still a bit of a wait until we’ll be able to sling Apple’s much rumoured iWatch – but we’re hopeful it’ll be worth it.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has been one of the top champs of 2013 in the flagship smartphone race, and we’ve already heard whispers that Samsung’s hard at work on its successor. With rumours including a massive, super sharp 2560×1440 resolution display, a blazing fast processor and a full-metal body, it’s already shaping up to be one of the top highlights of next year, and frankly, we can’t wait to see what’s coming from the house of Samsung.

Ouya 2

Julie Uhrman, the CEO of Ouya, the tiny little Kickstarter project that could, has already confirmed a sequel is on the way, but what will that bring to the table? With rival micro gaming consoles springing up left, right and centre, the Ouya team will have to work hard to justify a sequel in 2014. We’re not sure what to expect, but you can bet it’ll have souped up internal guts, an improved controller and new software smarts. Fingers crossed the next tiny box hits the mark – and then some.

PS Vita TV

Sony surprised the gaming world this autumn with its Japan-only PlayStation Vita TV, a microconsole-rival that packed PlayStation Vita guts into a palm sized gizmo that could tuck under your telly and play full fat Vita games on the big screen. Not only can it run original PSP games, it’s also capable of streaming media, even PlayStation 4 games from another room in the house. Let’s hope Sony brings it to the west, with all its features unlocked, as this is one shining Sony star that we need in our lives.

A real Apple TV

Nope, not another media streaming puck from the Cupertino giants, we’re on about a fully-fledged television from the iPhone makers. With rumours aplenty flying around over the past few years, we’ve got our fingers crossed that an actual Apple telly makes it out the gate next year – and we hope it’s sooner, rather than later, as many smart TV rivals are filling in the space in the meantime.


The mighty HTC One, the current flagship phone from the Taiwanese tech maker is wihtout a doubt one of the best phones of the past twelve months, thanks to its snappy hardware, top-notch aluminium chassis and brilliant UltraPixel camera – and it’s even spawned two different sized siblings. We’re eagerly awaiting HTC’s next flagship phone and to see how it can beat its current top dog. But what will it be called? HTC Two doesn’t have quite the same ring to i.


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