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From iPhone 6 to Samsung Galaxy S4, the amazing gadgets we can't wait to see in 2013

The Gadget Show  Tuesday 01 January 2013

From iPhone 6 to Samsung Galaxy S4, the amazing gadgets we can't wait to see in 2013

It’s the end of another tech-packed year, but we’re not stopping, and we doubt the gadget giants are either. As we look ahead to the year to come, we’re taking a peek at the gadgets that’ll be dominating the headlines and eating into your paycheque in 2013.

iPhone 6

Based on Apple’s previous release cycles, we doubt the next iPhone will see a big hardware design revamp. But we’re seriously excited to see what Apple can come up with, as legendary British designer Sir Jony Ive has now been placed in charge of software design as well as hardware for Apple. Expect a new look iOS on the iPhone 6 that’s every bit as modern and gorgeous as the chassis it comes in.

HTC Droid DNA in the UK

The HTC Droid DNA is already on sale in the US, but we’re hopeful the new year will see the arrival of it, or something similar, on these shores. It’s one of the first phones in the world with an insane full HD five-inch display, destroying the iPhone’s panel for clarity. Paired with bleeding edge Android, and we reckon HTC is onto a winner.

Samsung Galaxy S4

You can be sure that Samsung’s smash hit Galaxy S series will return this year – in fact, the rumours are already swirling. According to analysts, the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be out as soon as April, and boast a full HD, unbreakable screen. It’s probably already a given that this will be the second biggest phone of 2013, after a new iPhone – perhaps it may even beat it.

iPad mini 2

We’re already smitten with the iPad mini’s form factor, and while we don’t expect it to change, we’re hoping the screen resolution will. We’re hoping Apple can squeeze in a super sharp Retina Display the next time round, so that websites look crisp and it’s even easier to read long articles and ebooks. Hey, if Barnes & Noble can already manage it in the low-price Nook HD tablet, we’re sure Cupertino can pull it off in the iPad mini 2.

Six ways Jony Ive can make the iPhone 6 the ultimate smartphone

Xbox 720 and Sony PS4

Nintendo has laid down its cards for the next generation with the Wii U already, and it won’t be long before Microsoft and Sony show off their new consoles. We’ve already heard lots of rumours about both, including what hardware to expect, as well as Microsoft’s plans to produce disc-less versions of the Xbox 720. With the first next-gen games already being announced, we can’t wait to see what’s new with consoles in 2013.

A true Apple TV

With the publication of Steve Jobs’ autobiography late in 2011, the rumours of a bona fide Apple flatscreen TV started to ramp up over the spring. They died down soon after, and reports suggest that the company is still having trouble getting broadcasters onboard, but with the iPad mini now in the public domain, and the dust settling on a huge executive shake-up, we reckon that now is the time for Apple to unleash hell on all the lazy TV manufacturers out there. And so does the Wall Street Journal, so you can bet something’s coming, and soon.

Apple plans wireless charging zone for your next iPhone


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Mr man

Not iPhone 6.. IPhone 5s

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Not 5s, why would it be 5s? 4s was only for the introduction of Siri and so there was more of a hyped wait for the iPhone 5. iPhone 6 shall be terrible as the 5 wa just a bigger version of the 4s. I'd like to see what Samsung and HTC do as thinking of swapping from my dated 4s. iPad mini 2, well I have the first iPad and was looking at getting the mini but as the mini 2 is anticipated I may as well wait. PS4 and Xbox 720 are a thing I want to see! I've had my Ps3 an Xbox 360 for ages! It's time for an upgrade! And as for the Apple TV I fin it a ridiculous idea. I know it would be a good area to go into so that they can make more money but I think it's getting over the top now and they should leave it to the experts that have been making TVs for years and not start when they have been around for years. They started the tablet craze and now they're trying to intrude on the needed television area which I think many people won't trust them as they aren't experts in that field. People want reliable TVs from TV companies they can trust whereas apple are starting and they haven't breached that area of technology before. I just don't trust them with the TV idea.

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That Guy Over There

"It’s probably already a given that this will be the second biggest phone of 2013, after a new iPhone – perhaps it may even beat it." Your own show a few weeks back didn't even list the iPhone 5 as the best phone on the market. It was beaten roundly by the HTC One-X and the Nokia Lumia. If you're talking about financially, then fair enough but the financials aren't really interesting or relevant in terms of the actual product. If anything, it's just a sad indictment of the world today.

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Hopefully this content will be aces sable in the US, where I reside.

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This comment has been removed.

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