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Football is the game!

Fwd Tech  Monday 21 September 2009

Football is the game! Like tables? Like football? Then you'll love the Bonzini B90 table football...

Now that the Premiership is in full swing again it has us dreaming about what could have been before we went off to university and ruined our chances of becoming a professional footballer with too many late nights, ahem, studying. Well, the closest that most of us will come to football glory is via table football. Luckily, French designers Domeau and Peres have just come up with the Bonzini B90 table football.

The Bonzini B90 Table Football is made from solid beech wood, has a black enameled beech wood base, and an interior and exterior coated with bull leather. But the best bit are the players: imagine playing a game of football where all the players look like the T-1000 from Terminator 2. because that what they look like here. One team is coated in aluminium and the other is chrome-plated.

Measuring 1.5×1x0.95m, the Bonzini B90 table football also weighs 85kg. So how much does this awesome table cost? It’s the ultimate accessory for your man pad. Now if only we could find someone to play with us. Where’s Suzi?


Bonzini B90, table football

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That's gonna cost a bundle!

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