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Five ways Android Silver phones can defeat the iPhone

The Gadget Show  Thursday 01 May 2014

Five ways Android Silver phones can defeat the iPhone

The Nexus was a good start but Google’s upping the ante. It’s no longer content to play second-fiddle to the big boys, and could well be killing off its Nexus line and going head to head with devices like the HTC One (M8) and Apple iPhone 5s. That may sound like madness – after all, Google has spent years building the brand – but it actually makes more sense than you may realise. Here’s how its own versions of the open source smartphone platform will finally hit the big time.

Bung the bloatware

Even if you prefer iOS or Windows Phone, it’s impossible not to have a grudging respect for everything Android has to offer, but at times the OS can be infuriating to use. Most smartphone manufacturers love to stick as much as their own software on there as possible, slowing down even the fastest of processors and needlessly clogging up space you’d rather use for FIFA 14 and other apps that help you get through the working day. Even worse, unless you take drastic action, a lot of bloatware can’t be removed. If Android Silver phones ditch the bloatware, as its Nexus phones did, Google could really take the fight to Apple. A phone where you’re not required to trawl through removing all the apps and features you don’t actually want sounds ideal to us!

Fix the Nexus camera Although Google gadgets like the Nexus 7 have gradually pushed most other manufacturers aside when it comes to specs and features like screen technology, the Nexus line has always lagged beyond the best in class when it comes to photography. There’s never been a Nokia Lumia 1020 rival, for instance, or anything that gets close to the Sony Xperia Z2, and Silver would be a great chance to fix this. With a host of different manufacturers expected to create Silver smartphones, it would be great to see the likes of Sony and Samsung work their photography magic on Google’s own-brand handsets, hopefully leading to devices that help take mobile photography a step closer to the best point and shoot cameras.

Is Google killing off the Nexus line?

Provide timely updates for everyone Updates are one of the biggest issues for millions of Android users, with network providers rolling out updates at different times. This meant that while your friend with an identical phone could have the latest version of Android, you could be stuck with an older version for months, until your network provider decided to play ball. This won’t happen with Silver devices, with Google looking to control the software on Silver devices, and making sure that updates roll out at the same time across the board. Sound familiar? It’s exactly what currently happens with iOS, and it’s something that will help Google to fight Apple on an even footing.

A phone everybody’s heard of! 
Nexus gadgets may well have been brilliant at times, but they still lacked a little something… Cachet. Many were sold off contract, SIM-free, to early adopters, when most people still upgrade to a new smartphone on contract. Try and brag to your friends that you’ve just bought the latest Nexus, and it’s always going to lack the appeal of an iPhone. With big manufacturers involved though, this could all be about to change. How about the new Sony Xperia Silver, or the Samsung Silver Galaxy? With widely-known companies involved, even your granny could recognise who the phones are made by, and that has the potential to make a massive difference – especially if Google wants to charge more.

Let’s see some premium materials! Making phones out of plastic is all well and good if you want to keep prices down, but if Google wants to take on the best it’ll need to start using aluminium, glass, carbon fibre, anything else to help set it apart from the masses. If Silver phones can match the iPhone for quality and simplicity, while offering a faster and better version of Android, along with a range-topping Samsung or Sony camera, Google could finally have a winner on its hands!

What top features would you like to see in a Silver handset? Leave a comment and let us know.

Can’t wait for a Silver Android phone? How about the Sony Xperia Z2?


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