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Fitness bands: Find the keep fit computer for you!

The Gadget Show  Thursday 21 March 2013

Fitness bands: Find the keep fit computer for you!

It’s the latest thing in tech: wearable fitness gadgets. Companies like Nike, Jawbone and Fitbit have created a whole new category of gizmo, a wristband that logs your steps and gives you targets to so you can get into shape and keep a healthy lifestyle. It’s already a crowded market though, so which one is for you? Allow us to explain.

Fitbit Flex

Fitbit’s already charmed us with its little clip on pedomoters like the One and the Zip, but now it’s taking on Nike head on with the upcoming Flex (out later this Spring). It works in much the same way, logging your steps for you to view back on your iPhone. Its USP is its Bluetooth 4.0 syncing with the iPhone: version four of the wireless tech uses vastly less power, so it doesn’t need to be charged too often. Plus, it looks seriously classy.

One for: Minimalist fitness fans. It lacks the FuelBand’s screen, so you can’t see your score on your wrist.

Jawbone Up

Just on sale this week in the UK, the £99 Jawbone Up is as functional as it is cool. It logs your steps, but you can also use the app to keep a record of your meals, so it’s ideal for an overall view of your fitness.

One for: Android owners, as it runs on many more Google phones than the Fitbit Flex (and the FuelBand, which does not support Android at all).

Check out our wearable fitness gadgets video group test here

Nike+ FuelBand

At around £139, it’s pricey, but the Nike+ FuelBand, the gadget that started it all, is still a touch of class, even a year after launch. The LED lights on the strap change colour as you gradually approach your daily target, and it’s incredibly addictive trying to better your score everyday – plus there’s a handy iOS app to track your data with.

One for: iPhone users, Nike+ addicts.

Samsung S-Band

Even Samsung’s getting in on the game with a new S-Band accessory for the new Galaxy S4 Android super phone. It works much the same way, but even measures the quality of your sleep based on how you move – and with a heart-rate monitor accessory on the way, it could prove the ultimate tag team for runners.

One for: Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orderers.

Wii U

Not to be outdone, even Nintendo is getting in on the action. For its upcoming Wii Fit U game, it’s crafting a pedometer that you carry around with you all day, and that logs your calories burned, to be synced whenever you turn your Wii U console on. And of course, you get to see your smily Mii avatar’s face staring back at you all day, so that’s nice.

What do you think of the trend for fitness bands? Is it all wasted energy? Share your view in the comments below.


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I think its a great idea and the FitBit Flex looks awesome. However, i have a Windones 8 phone, so i think i wouldn't be able to log my progress or step count. I would definitelyconsider getting one if i had an iphone, though!

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I cant wait to get one hoping to pick one up at the gadget show live

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