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Dell Looking Glass – Android iPad kiler?

The Gadget Show  Thursday 22 April 2010

Dell Looking Glass – Android iPad kiler? Dell Looking Glass – iPad rival?

news just in of another Dell leak – following on from the Windows 7 smartphone, the next leaked image is of the Dell Looking Glass – an Android-powered tablet that looks to be a direct challenge to the iPad.

We’d previously heard whispers of a 5in touchscreen tablet called the Dell Streak (aka the Dell Mini 5, but the latest leak says we’ll be getting the 7in Dell Looking Glass in November.

It runs Android 2.1 at the moment but will hopefully update to coincide with the release of Android 2.2 in May. Under the bonnet, there’s a speedy Tegra 2 processor, and it also promises built-in 3G, accelerometer, A-GPS and a compass, as well as the option of a built-in TV tuner – nice.

The Dell Looking Glass will apparently ship with 4GB of RAM, 4GB of flash storage and an SDHC slot to add another 32GB. There’s also a 1.3MP camera for video calls.

What do you think? Would you be tempted through the Looking Glass? Let us know below…


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Wow!! Definately be tempted

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One word - 'No' or Five words - 'Not even a little bit'

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anything that will alow me to control my files is a good start. I own an iphone but cannot use it with Linux, the most secure OS today. I also like being able to have more than one device which the iphoen does not allow

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I've only recently become an Apple-snob and would now normally turn my nose up at this, but having seen John's review of the I-Pad, I'm not so sure now. I think I'll reserve judgement until both are available to roadtest by the layman.

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Ashleigh Ridgewell

The only thing that seems better to this dell mini to the ipad is that it has a camera, extra usb slot for memory and high chance of being cheaper, normally because it is more compact i would propapaly class the dell 5 as a large phone well if it can call people. Oh but the ipad can get apps from the itunes store, bigger screen and I am guessing that it has a longer battery life by it being an apple device with its itteligent power using ways. Urm............................... I think I would still stay with the ipad, well for know.

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