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Alienware X51 slims down the size of PC gaming

The Gadget Show  Wednesday 18 January 2012

Alienware X51 slims down the size of PC gaming

PC gaming rigs can take up just as much space as all your home consoles put together. The Dell Alienware X51 goes some away to reducing the clutter that comes with PC gaming by super-sizing downwards.

Despite its pygmy size the Alienware X51 delivers some pretty handy specs and features for PC gamers keen to play the latest games, even allowing for up to 1TB of storage. More specs this way.

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Alienware PCs are colossal things, so the Alienware X51 is a welcome departure from the space-grabbing PCs many of us struggle to find room for. The Alienware X51 can be stored vertically or horizontally on a desktop.

The Alienware X51 is available in both Intel Core i3 and i5 options, and can be upgraded to feature up to 8GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. A Blu-Ray player lets users view the latest films accompanied by 7.1 surround sound.

Gaming performance-wise the Alienware x51uses an NVIDIA GeForce GT or GTX graphics card for increased performance – the payoff being that even the latest games will look great.

Other essential bits of info to know about the Alienware X51 is that it has plenty of USB ports, connectivity for microphones and headsets, HDMI to connect to a nearby television, and an Ethernet port. The Alienware X51 is available now. Prices start from £699. All that’s left is to decide what to play.

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For the true enthusiast gamer alienware is a clear no no, completely overpriced. If your going to spend stupid money on a PC build it yourself or get someone you trust to build it for you after you research the parts and choose them yourself. There are plenty of genuine shops that will look after far better than dell and alienware will ever do they just want your money. Do not let alienware take you for a ride sure they look good but for less the half the price you can have equal and quite often better spec and still make it look good to. Shame on you Gadget Show you should know better.

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i agree totally with what shavedape has said apart from 1 point... u cant blame the gadget show for reviewing whats out there on the market as they can only test pre built pcs, there's no possible way for them 2 check every combination of self built computers so really its impossible for them 2 comment on anything but what the big company's produce. its up2 us consumers 2 look around and find what works best for us at the budgets we can afford, this does look like a great space saving gaming pc and when compared with other pre-built computers it stands up well. there is definetly better and cheaper options out there if u know what your looking for and how 2 self build your own pc. my advice would be 2 build your own but if u dont know what your doing then this would be worth checking out.

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so starting at £699? mmm! almost £150 more than the cost in US, typical uk price hike lol. Thankfully I would not touch anything Dell/Alienware with a 20 foot bargepole.

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It looks great and it is Alienware one of the best in gamingPc and no i would not want to build it my self i think what they do with PCs is great also its better for resale than having a PC built by a Joe Blog

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I personally agree with mike because the reason that it is cheaper to build pc's is because the company charge you for their effort and time where if you built a pc it requires alot of time that most people just don't have ,also Home-Built PCs are often not as reliable as the solid company manufactured alienwares

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