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Series 16 Episode 5: Gadget Experience

Friday 16 September 2011

Series 16 Episode 5: Gadget Experience

This week on The Gadget Show, Jason and Ortis had the challenge to find the most amazing, thrilling, breathtaking and awesome Gadget Experiences you’ve ever seen. Jon tested 3D TV’s with the help of wildlife photographer Simon King and Suzi had the pleasure of finding which of the finest techy toasters could cook up the best hot, crispy and gorgeous slice of toast.

Thanks to all who made the show happen!

Watch the full Gadget Experience


A special thanks to:

Simon King


Longleat Safari and Adventure Park

The Pytchley

Challenge: Gadget Experience


F1 Driving Experience

Apache Buggies

American Monster Truck

JCB Racing

Tranquillity Floataway

Cable Wakeboarding

Flowboarding (Indoor Surfing)

Ultimate Top Gun Experience

Spy Games: Hostage Rescue Experience

Garmin Forerunner 610

Flexible Inspection Camera

Professional Recording Studio Experience

Paparazzi Experience

Top 5: Toasters


Studio Tech

Toshiba Qosmio 750 3D Laptop

UE55D8000 Samsung TV


Jon Test: 3DTV’s

Panasonic Plasma P55VT30

Samsung LED/LCD UE55D8000

LG 55LW650T

Top 5: Toasters

Russell Hobbs Classic

Magimix Le Toaster 4 Slice

Magimix Vision

Breville Radio Toaster

Bosch Styline (Black)

HDMI Cables Best Deals

900 Series HDMI Cable – £80

Tesco Value HDMI Cable – £4.99

Belkin HDMI Cable

Philex 3m HDMI Cable



Web TV Gadget Experience Archive Footage provided by:

747 Simulator


Body Flight


River Bugging

Sheffield Cable Water Ski


Spy Games

Ultimate High


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When I read Jon was testing 3D Tv's this week I thought great as I'm looking to buy a new Tv soon. However what I got was a short 5 minute feature that involved 3 top end expensive TV's and very little other information given. For me this could and should of been a more in depth feature as it would of appealed to a lot more people . Instead half the show was spent messing about with monster trucks and digger racing which have zero to do with tech and gadgets. This show is a massive let down most weeks and the presenters seem to spend more time messing about and travelling to exotic locations to test things like rucksacks rather then informing and reviewing the latest relevant gadgets etc. This show should go back to basics and keep it simple rather then trying to be all hollywood and over the top in it's approach. No wonder the shows viewing figures have fallen over time because the producers have lost touch with what the viewers really want to watch.

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Dave H

Some points about the LG passive 3D television they completely managed to 'overlook'. 1. The glasses can cost as little as a few pounds, they don't need batteries, they are lighter and you can use the ones you use in the cinema. 2. So if you have kids you won't be scared of the glasses being sat on, as they are just bits of card and plastic. But with the complex active glasses going at £80+ you'll want to supervise. And having a party of friends watching get's expensive. 3. You do NOT lose half resolution, because one eye receives odd and the other eye receives even lines. These combine in you mind to create a full picture, it makes sense and it's in their technology specs. 4. Do test active TVs before you buy, as the flicker is seen by some and not by others, and try and shield the TVs around it in the shop. I feel the program is biased towards the Samsung, and they made it obvious they were paid to promote it. .

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James Allen

I have just watched john's 3DTV review. I already own a Panasonic VT30 and found the review to be very misleading. They said that flickering caused by the active glasses on the light behind the TV made the viewing almost impossible. But on the Samsung which uses exactly the same technology (active shutter) you will get exactly the same effect but they did not comment on it! This has now made me very sceptical about further gadget show tests, so much so that I may not even watch the program again. They appear to have their favourite brands! My advise to anyone looking at these tv's is to go to a proper av specialist shop and watch them in a demo room as I did. You will see that on plasma tv's you get hardly any crosstalk. I can't believe the gadget show did not even mention the issue of crosstalk whilst testing 3DTV's!

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Brian Hazeldine

The Show is hardly worth watching these days, too obviously an extended advert, and about as much use as watching top gear to find a car for practical transport. Find some presenters with real expertise rather than 'personality'!

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