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Series 16 Episode 18: All You Need Is iPhone?

Monday 12 December 2011

Series 16 Episode 18: All You Need Is iPhone?

In the edition of the show, Suzi takes part in a challenge to buy a number of gadgets equal in value to the iPhone 4S. Suzi to is heard to say that she has purchased a Toshiba Camileo B10 Pocket Camcorder “for £40”. This was correct at the time of filming – however, the majority of sites that sell this item have now increased the price. The price shown on screen is the best price which we could find at the time of transmission. The Gadget Show apologises for any confusion that this may have caused.

This week on The Gadget Show, with the major manufactures battling it out to have the ultimate Smartphone is there one device that is actually better than the iPhone4s? Well, we got 6 of latest smartphones on the market and Suzi, Jason & Jon put them through some vigorous testing to find out which is simply the best!

You can have your say in our King of the Smartphones online vote!

As well as all that, Ortis was fighting the elements, climbing Mountain Snowdon to see how good TV is on the move; Jason tested the latest Internet Radios to find the Top 5 and Pollyanna tested something sexy, powerful and very exciting in the States.

Many thanks to everyone involved in making The Gadget Show possible.

*Please note best prices sourced are as of November 2011 and may be subject to change.


Footage of Rob Shoesmith outside Apple store provided by MacWorld

Joe Jefford for providing his Art Work.



Coffee Lounge



Revolution Bar Wolverhampton

SACO Apartments


University of Wolverhampton


Challenge: All You Need Is iPhone?

Tables provided by Office Furniture

eMachines Netbook provided by Amazon

iPhone 4S and sims provided by O2

Binatone Telecom

Calculators Online

Ideas By Net


TOA Taxis Birmingham

Jon Test: TV on the Move

Glan-Y-Bala Holidays

Snowdon Mountain Railway

Feature: Fast Track Amphibious

Fast Track Amphibian

Top 5: Internet Radios






Challenge: All You Need Is iPhone?

Blackberry Torch 9810

HTC Sensation XL

iPhone 4S

Nokia Lumia 800

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S

Acer eMachine 350

Amazon Kindle

Blaze Gear Master System


SanDisk Sansa Clip+

Samsung E1080

Toshiba B10

TomTom Start 20

Jon Test: TV on the Move

Elgato Tivizen Mobile TV Tuner

Hauppauge PCTV Nanostick T2

Huawei E586 MiFi from 3


Sky Go App (Available on iPhone & iPad)

TVCatchup (Available on PC, iPhone, iPad & Android)

Top 5: Internet Radios

Gear4 HouseParty AirWave

Logitech Squeeze box Radio

Pure Contour

Roberts colourSTREAM

Sony MX750Ni Micro Hi-Fi iPod dock


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jon smith

the coolpix camera the i-phone was compared to is dreadful - no wonder the phone won that duel. what a really spurrious test this was all round, was it sponsored by apple? up against cheap alternatives the i-phone still only sauntered to a dubious win. an utter waste of our viewing time!

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Agreed, i know the team seem to be very strong apple fans but this episode was silly. Seriously comparing it to a terrible camera is obviously going to show Apple iphone in a good way, why didnt you test it in low light conditions? This is common knowledge guys, low light photos on phones is terrible!. Also, comparing it to a sansa clip+ in audio quality what happened here? The clip+ is on par with high end Sony players and the audio pros Cowon players, it costs £25 at amazon... microsd slot so you should have said that you can have a huge capacity in a tiny device and battery life is key overall. Did you guys just use the supplied buds with the iphone and clip+? very poor choice if you did as all supplied buds are terrible, even having a pair of ep 630s would help show that the clip+ is superior to the iphone it even supports a wider format range. Maybe its because im getting bored with all these "mainstream" style programs / reviews that im being highly critical of this episode, id like to finally see no real bias and actually taking into account price. I have an LG optimus 2x running custom GB Rom, works faster than a 4s and i seem to get better battery life yet it cost me a mere £17 p/m (same contract for iphone was £35!) yet this phone would be classed as bad since it doesnt have an apple logo on it :D.

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I have major issues with not just the iPhone but with the monoploizing company and product placment company...Apple. We are being forced to not only like/lust these gadgets but are being made to buy what Apple dictate. iPhone was just the iceing on the cake after Sony's Walkman many years ago. After working in professional recording studios for years I was horrified to find that in the studios last 'Pro Tools' set up (£10k's worth) Apple agreed to regester the studio (They gave a certicicate to say that the studio was 'Pro Tools Recognized). Now Apple have released a new version of 'Pro Tools and the certificate is now junk. To get re-certified, the studio will HAVE to BUY an all new set up. Because the studio is no no longer 'Pro Tools recognized...Killing buisness. Fab! Now to the iPhone/iPad. How can Apple have the balls to release a phone for christ knows how much money only to super seed it in 6 months? (Supply and demand and product placment). Who buys this device in Hollywood? Nobody. Let the high profile users make us want 'The New One'. People think for yourselves. iPhone and 'Pro Tools are now 'The Industry Standard'. We now have no choice but to have these products rammed down our throats day in and day out. Ta Gadget show for the in-site to the wonders of the iPhone. Like we don't know it already. Wherever you look you see these over priced, over hyped and ultimatly to be redundant in six month gadgets! PLEASE people, open your eyes and realize there are better/faster (and better sounding) devices out there, if only we would look. Oh and one last thing. 3G Doesn't exsist in Anglesey smart phone will do what it says on the new shiney box says. NOT EVEN THE DAMN IPHONE. You said rant? Ta, J.

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Winston Damerum

You should have compared the Iphone 4s to the HTC Sensation XE not the XL this phone blows the Iphone away, easy to use and with a 1.5 duel core processor bags of power. The music output with the included Dre Beats headphones is amazing.

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Gadget Show should be on the Apple Channel !!!! The comparisons looked like they were set up to prove the iPhone is the best. Completely agree with comments about camera - why not a camera with some form of optical zoon and decent optics? And as to trying to get people to switch. The test of whether people will change SmartPhone OS you completely missed Windows Phone - which, if you look at many other influential iPhone users who have come down on Windows Phone.... The iPhone and the Android OS are very similar in terms of basic UI approach, whereas Windows Phone comes in with something complete different. Yet again, the show comes over as a bunch of Apple fanboys who can't bring themselves to challenge the "perceived wisdom".... At least you had the Nokia in the comparison of SmartPhones, although waiting to see the results.

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My earlier comment was removed not too sure why, but i basically said that the test to load the video against the notebook was very poor as the notebook loaded the video only one second faster than the iphone so this was a draw, had it been the other way the iphone would have won hands down.

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I was also a bit disappointed with the review. There are positive reasons for choosing another phone over the iPhone. For me, it was the flexibility of getting info on and off the phone. My HTC Desire is a bit old hat now, but I can get files on and off the phone simply; transfer pictures from my camera to review on the phone screen and so on simply and without having a computer on hand to run iTunes as intermediary (I know that Apple has moved on a bit with iOs5, but I was choosing my phone 18 months ago, and back then I would have had to carry a laptop round with me just to get round some of the iPhone restrictions - also iTunes was so bad I was glad I could completely stop using it). As a previous comment said, the WP7 phone and the Blackberry both deserved a better airing, and the differences between the Android phones could have been explained (after all some are unquestionably much more powerful than the iPhone, and a few are even more expensive). For example, in part the better battery life of the iPhone is explained by it having a small screen. That might matter to you and it might not. So six out of ten for the review - please try harder, because we know you can do better!

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the gadget show is still living in yesteryear when the iphone was actually still ahead just with the 4. but technology has rapidly advanced since then and just take a look at all the top end android offerings, all of them wipe the 4 and the 4s socks off and the fact is iphone users realised this since half of them have dropped using the iphone this year and moved onto using Android. how do i know? just look at the market share compared with last year, near 50% of mobile users now on an android which has doubled compared to last year and iphone has dropped to a mere 20%. think its time the gadget show actually took this information in

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well ive just finished watching this episode and im soooooooooo glad that finally on the gadget show they have actually shown an Android phone that actually finished ahead of the iphone 4s and fairly too and no other than googles own flagship device the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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Given the results of the tests, shouldn't the heading for this be 'All you need is Galaxy Nexus?' I also thought it was telling that even though the Nexus had won by a long way you couldn't bring yourselves to recommend it as the phone to have.

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I am a big fan of The Gadget Show. However, their bias towards Apple products puts me off. I agree with several people in this thread that The Gadget Show seems to be stuck with the iPhone as the greatest smartphone ever. They should take a closer look at the world of android phones because they need to realise that phones like Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) supersedes the capabilities of the iPhone by a mile. Jason’s test with the three people was so poor and biased. It was as if he was jumping to conclusions just to award victory to the iPhone. Even in previous episodes, they have compared iPhone 4 to mid-range android devices. Why haven’t they ever compared iPhone to high-end android devices like the galaxy S2? I have used both iPhone and Android phones, and now can’t even think of going back to iPhones. Android gives me so much flexibility and my device doesn’t look like someone else’s device . The show is good but the Apple-centric attitude is just getting on my nerves now; I hope The Gadget Show people learn.

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Shouldn't Suzi actually be holding the Samsung Nexus instead of the iphone for the above shot? After all it did actually Win the test. This is clear indication that the Gadget Show always favours iphone and of course any other Apple product, regular viewers will know this & is why you should never trust the accuracy of any test on GS they are always biased or done unfairly. If you don't believe me take another look at John's web loading test with all the phones laid out! he clearly states the iphone came second, which was NOT the case. If you freeze frame at the part of the test where they all load the GS Website, the iphone actually loads the website fifth fastest (Not second as John said) Most people wouldn't have noticed as they quickly cut to the next scene. As I said totally Biased. Also, had they used a Galaxy IIs instead of the Nexus for the test it would have also won the video and photography tests hands down and increased the score over the iphone even more because of the superior camera on the Galaxy IIs. At least John tries to be more fair by saying at the end of the test " they are all good phones and it basically comes down to user preference" and I absolutely agree with him on this point.

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See freeze frame photo of iphone 4s coming second from last in John's website loading test even though he said it was second fastest. Shmae on you John. Tut Tut..

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johns test i find was the best test to survey the real potential of each of the phones and do you know why it was the best. because most of the testing was not done by the gadget show team!!!as proven above as soon as the gadget show team step in, they either bump the score for the iphone or decide in the iphones favour, it would have been interesting to have gotten the whole test done by third party and then see if the iphone placed 2nd at all

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N J Campbell

Have to agree. This was such a poor biased test. Why did they give the android fan an iphone and the iphone fan an iphone, what was the point. They were both biased towards their favoured handset yet Jason decided that meant the iphone was what? In the multiple handsets test why didn't they include the samsung galaxy s2 when its widely regarded as the best android phone out there, better even than the galaxy nexus, with a longer battery life, higher resolution camera etc. They don't even bother to mention any of the features, such as flash video, customisation & homescreen widgets that differ between android phones and the iphone. It just seems like they're giving Apple free advertising. Very disappointing.

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LMFAO i totally forgot about that ridiculous iphone test Jason done hahaha I was there thinking WTF you give an android fan an iphone and an iphone fan an iphone....That says it all to me that the gadget show just wants to palm off the iphone to everyone!!!It actually really peeves me off since i used to enjoy the gadget show but now its just becoming annoying when you can guarantee the iphone somewhere in every episode will get its mention....Snore...when suzi concluded her test saying in a cringe worthy way that it is way better to have the felt like even she was sick of mentioning it.

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Seung Mina

Very disappointed that this test was so biased. Suzi tried a few things that an iPhone is good at, and checked how individual gadgets stacked up against it. But she did not do it the other way round - try stuff that the indivudual gadgets are good at, and see how the iPhone stacked up against THEM. eg. Even that cheap Nikon has 5x optical zoom. How much optical zoom does an iPhone have? She could have chosen a pricier camera with even more optical zoom, extra features, and does decent HD movies - instead of separate camera and video recorder. How about flash photography? How fast can you get the iPhone ready to take a photo vs a "proper camera"? A netbook shows web pages and video on a DECENT sized screen, has a keyboard which is much better for typing in URL's, searches, emails etc, and offers a pointing device that is far more accurate than a greasy finger. There are web based-games she could have played on the netbook that are much more comparable to an iPhone - and netbook shows them on a decent sized display and with fast/accurate/tactile input. But instead she wasted yet more of her budget on a dedicated-but-rubbish gaming gadget - which she could have then spent on a better MP3 player... Etc etc etc. Just keep the Apple stuff away from Suzi in future please :-(

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At least it goes to show that in blind tests (i.e. not done by GS presenters) the iPhone is clearly just another smartphone (and only an average one at that). Based on observation I feel that the iPhone appeals to one type of user and Android to another; the former for those who are either easily swayed by fashion and/ or have very little tech knowledge whereas the latter appeals more to the tech savvy. I think the iPhones main selling point is it's ease of use which, even though I'm an Android fan, I will accept. I've also noticed that the iPhone tends to appeal more to the female user. Again i think this is due to its ease of use and percieved fashion status. Apple simply cannot keep up with the tidal wave of truly amazing Android phones and with the likes of the HTC Edge (quad core) coming in 2012 then the iPhones only selling point will become its percieved exclusivity (which to be honest is not the case anymore)

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Andy Butcher

Just watching the gadget show comparing the iphone to other smart phones. The one test they always seem to miss though, considering it is a phone, is call quality and signal. My friend has an iphone and I don't think I've ever had a full conversation with him on the phone without him losing his signal and having to call back. Signal on the iphone is terrible. I know smartphones are much more than just phones, but that is meant to be one of their basic functions so how about including that in the tests rather than the web browsing, photo and video tests they always seem to do.

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Veer Patel

All you need is Iphone when, 1)you want to struggle and let itunes wipe you data on your iphone 2)become a dependent of on apple store, give them your card details and then saving photos on icloud. So they can know everything about our life. 3)limited by things Apple want to limit just for no reason, Example: cant save attachments on email, cant do any office documents, Protecting some of the photos with password.. Well, there are little more on the list they provided. Nokia N900, With linux based Maemo Os, complete freedom of anything you choose to do with it. Nokia n9, with linux based Meego, (FORGET nokia lumina with horrible restricted windows ) Thats the way to go for.. These two are not even on the list. We are as a consumer slave of convenience.. Thats only reason iphone and windows are around..

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The apple bias in this programme is beyond a joke! One of the main advantages of the Blackberry Torch is the slide out kep pad yet in the text test this was not even used?! I'm complaining to Offcom.

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The iPhone contains anything and everything.

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