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Series 16 Episode 16: Golf vs. DJ

Monday 28 November 2011

Series 16 Episode 16: Golf vs. DJ

This week on The Gadget Show, it was an immersive challenge to see if Pollyanna and Ortis could use tech to learn a new skill; Pollyanna was busy on the golf course, learning to play well enough to compete at a golf tournament and Ortis was mixing and scratching his way through the best DJ kit to see if he could impress an energetic crowd at one of the infamous nightclubs in the UK.

Jason tested the best high-end headphones money can buy and Jon bought you all you need to know about YOUR Customer Rights when it comes to getting a refund on your tech.

Many thanks to everyone involved in making The Gadget Show possible.

Golf vs. DJ Full Challenge


A Special Thanks to:

Danny Rampling

Mark Settle

Touch2View Ltd for providing the Giant iTab


Ministry of Sound DJ Academy

Woodhall Spa – The National Golf Centre

BPM Exhibition

Silvermere Golf Club

Jon Test: High-end Headphones

Bag Piper Ken Stewart







Feature: Consumer Rights

Check out our guide to your Consumer Rights Your Consumer Rights

Studio Tech


You can follow the links below to download the free Aurasma app and begin creating and sharing exciting content and experiences with your friends!

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Challenge: Golf vs. DJ

Pollyanna’s Golf Tech

Callaway Diablo Edge Hybrid (Ladies)

Callaway Razr Hawk Driver (Ladies)

Callaway Diablo Edge Irons (Ladies)

Callaway Odyssey Divine 2-Ball Putter (Ladies)

Dream Swing Professional

Club fitting with FlightScope

Ecco BIOM Ladies

Foresight Sports GC2 Smart Camera System

Foresight Sports GC2 Golf Simulator

iPING app




Ortis’ DJ Tech

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4

Pioneer SDJ05

Sennheiser HD 25-1 II

Jon Test: High-end Headphones

ACS T1™ Triple Driver Monitor

Sennheiser CXC 700

Shure SE535 Sound Isolating Earphones


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I am a Pro DJ (over 23 years). It was good to highlight what almost all DJ’s use now – visual aids. A DJ can learn the basics much quicker. They do have many benefits as you can see the track accurately – each beat or hat/when the drops are e.t.c. also you don’t have to carry around lots of records or cd’s + more mixing tricks can be done. It is great kit to learn on but by doing so most DJ’s using this kit don’t truly understand the art of mixing. Mixing is not all about mixing a beat over a beat or dropping a track when the other track ends so sounding seamless (easiest thing to do – what most mixing R&B DJ’s do). Dance DJ sets are easy as you will know the music policy & most tracks will have a similar make up. The big problem is when you are faced with a commercial led dance & urban venues, as most modern music has different ways the tracks are made for the style of music e.g. BPM. The problem comes when a DJ reliant on the “new tec”/visual aids try’s something a bit harder like mixing 2 tracks together with conflicting keys (will sound like Les Dawson playing the piano), they might get the BPM perfect on the screen but the mix sounds terrible, this is the same for things in time but not on the beat – hat slap/off beat. The only way a DJ can try to hide these conflictions is using EQ on mixers (bass/mid/top) but as soon as the EQ is altered the track will move forward & back in time & at the end of the mix the track EQ & volume level must be set to normal other wise it won’t sound good. This takes more skill & an ear for music as a DJ will have to run tracks out of time (but sound in time) & correct the EQ & tracks gain levels & bring the track forward & back in time constantly until the mix is finished e.g. mixing 2step garage into funky house or into UK funky, or mixing Major Minor keys together. Sadly with new tec the old skills are being lost as most DJ’s will not do hard mixes like that, or if they do just look at the screen to see if the tracks are in time (it will sound bad). In a commercial venue when the venue makes most money from drink sales you have to work crowds/clubbers on & off the dance floor so they buy drinks & have to mix many different music styles together (very hard as they will not sit on top of each other) also if a track is not working mix another track in before clubbers leave or shortening tracks (hard as you might only get one place in the middle of a track a mix can be done smoothly, other wise a DJ has to work very hard to smoothly mix things together that will not go together). Ok not all venues require DJ’s to mix, but one ones that do are finding it hard to get DJ’s that can mix everything (all styles together) to a high standard. This can only be done by experience & a good ear for music (not a laptop screen at the moment). sadly most new mixing DJ's say "that cant be done" rarther than learn to do it.

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So yet another fake challenge on The Gadget Show! It was blatently obvious that Polly could already play golf before the start of the challenge as her swing was fine! You could tell that, due to her hitting the ball straight and a long way from the very first time we see her swing! We didn't just see her do that once and then see her try again and fail, no, we saw her do it often, always with the ball landing around the same point ON THE FAIRWAY when hit with the same club! So obviously she already knew how to swing correctly enough and hit the ball correctly enough to be able to play the game since BEFORE the start of the challenge! I have had some lessons and cannot do all of the time what she was able to do from the very start of the challenge proving this challenge was totally FAKE! It's NOT the first time there has been a fake challenge on the programme and I am getting really fed up with it happening!

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