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jon deere

jon deere

25 September 2011

anyone remember when Coke changed the taste of Coke because they thought it was better but it failed in the most huge way? well this is the Gadget Show's Cola moment. the new theme is utter tripe, whoever voted needs a hearing aid. lacking in dynamics, no signature hook and a very irritating noise at the end that i can only describe as a cross between electronic duck and an asthmatic goose. the old theme was great but i'd heard it crop up in so many other programmes i realised the theme wasn't unique to this show. you must re-commission a professional musician to do the theme and not rely on a general public vote, have you not learnt from Pop Idol or the X-Factor? the general British public have very poor judgement when it comes to voting for many things where music is involved. this is indeed one of them. and the almost 10 minute competition run through has become a joke. it's one big advertisement plug which i switch over from or just use as an excuse to make a cuppa. it's ridiculous.

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