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Series 16 Episode 4: The Gadget Show Theme Tune Remixed

Friday 09 September 2011

Series 16 Episode 4: The Gadget Show Theme Tune Remixed

This week on The Gadget Show, Suzi and Jason felt the beat of the music using consumer tech to remix The Gadget Show theme tune; Jon headed to the surf in Newquay to test the latest hi-tech wetsuits, Pollyanna jetted off to Germany to check out some of the smartest robotic machines in the world and Ortis got shredding a whole load of paper to find the top 5 Shredders.


A special thanks to:

Alan Hawkshaw Alan Hawkshaw on Facebook Jono Buchanan Mark Jenkins Albert Ross


Kikii Restaurant

Challenge: The Gadget Show Theme Remixed

FL Studios

Ableton Live Intro





M-Audio Venom Synth

Yamaha Music


APC 40


Digital Village

Shure Microphones

Sylenth Synth

Massive Synth


iRig iMike iKlip

Novation Lauchpad

Apogee Jam & Apogee Duet

Hobgoblin Music

Jon Test: Wetsuits

Extreme Academy @ Watergate Bay Robert Barber Bodyboard Depot Newquay Activity Centre

Top 5: Shredders

Genie Shredders Aurora Shredders Rexel and Fellowes Swordfish


Challenge: The Gadget Show Theme Remixed

Reason 5

Sonar X1 Essential

Ableton Live Intro

Blackberry Playbook (16GB)

Motorola Xoom (32GB)

iPad 2 (16gb)


M-Audio Venom


IK Multimedia iRig Mic

Apogee Jam

Jon Test: Wetsuits

Rip Curl Flash Bomb 3/2 Mens Wetsuit

O’NEILL Psycho 2

Excel Infiniti Dry Lock Full Suit

Top 5: Shredders

Rexel Prostyle+ Shredder Fellowes DS1 Acco Rexel Style Shredder Swordfish Ebony 10 Genie 1005XD


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Dianne welsh

Vote Suzy tune

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I vote for Suzy

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Suzy all the way, gotta say her tune has rhythm

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The BEST BUY shredder the name and the link link to the wrong item the item displayed on the the TV was the Acco Rexel Pro Style + Shredder ( note the plus +) and this retails for over £100!!!!

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Jason all the way!!!!!! He is awsome, they have to choose his. If they didn't it would ruin it forever!!!!!

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Paul Barries

It's got to be Suzy's tune!

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To be honest I didn't think much of either theme tune attempt. Best left to the professionals. However as we're getting one of them anyway I voted for the slightly better one from Suzi.

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vote suzy

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Don't like either of them, don't like the new competition part of the show, it's a waste of 3-4 minutes. In fact I'm not enjoying this series at all, every change so far has made it worse, have the idiots that ruined GMTV/Daybreak been hired? The show's taken a nose-dive and this "Hobson's Choice" isn't helping.

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Where do you put in your vote???

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neither tune is as good as the present one! maybe you should also have vote to change the name of the show, right now the most approbate being the "gimmick show"

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Roger Devallo

I vote Jason Bradbury - it's the best!

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I fully vote Jason Bradbury!

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Its difficult as the old tune is like a fine wine that has matured over time and become a custom in your house. But if I had to choose it would have to be Suzi's one as its had a more modern vibrant feel to it, sorry Jase

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jon deere

anyone remember when Coke changed the taste of Coke because they thought it was better but it failed in the most huge way? well this is the Gadget Show's Cola moment. the new theme is utter tripe, whoever voted needs a hearing aid. lacking in dynamics, no signature hook and a very irritating noise at the end that i can only describe as a cross between electronic duck and an asthmatic goose. the old theme was great but i'd heard it crop up in so many other programmes i realised the theme wasn't unique to this show. you must re-commission a professional musician to do the theme and not rely on a general public vote, have you not learnt from Pop Idol or the X-Factor? the general British public have very poor judgement when it comes to voting for many things where music is involved. this is indeed one of them. and the almost 10 minute competition run through has become a joke. it's one big advertisement plug which i switch over from or just use as an excuse to make a cuppa. it's ridiculous.

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