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Series 15 Episode 16: Gadget Camping

Monday 30 May 2011

Series 15 Episode 16: Gadget Camping

This week on The Gadget Show; Suzi & Pollyanna head into the Great Outdoors with Nikki Grahame, Jon is testing three of the best tablets and Jason gets wet finding the Top 5 Water Pistols.

Thanks to all of these guys who made it all happen!


A Special thanks to SUCK for providing the vests for the Top 5 Water Pistols filming.


Sedgemoor Services Southbound

Westacott Farm

Torrigde Council

Sky News Studio London

Challenge: Gadget Camping

A Special Thanks to Camping World

Gadget Show viewers can get a 10% discount off anything on the Camping World on-line store using the code ‘gadget1’. Offer Not valid in-store.

Seadoo provided by Matt Crowhurst


Safety Boat

Seagate Hotel

VW Campervan

Boletus Light

Gelert Solar Shower

Folding tables

AQ Wireless Speakers

Intex Memory Foam Camp Bed

Grill Stream

Joby Gorilla Torch

Napoleon BBQ

HiGear Utility Tent

Pyramid Portable Washing Machine

Colemans Blue Cat Heater

Wicked Wedge



Hunters Wellies


Challenge: Gadget Camping

Parrot Asteroid

Cobra Rosen DVD Headrest System

Sound Asleep Travel Pillow

Karaoke Version Track

Dutch Tub

Airstream International 684

D2153 Camos PAPSA Pro Satellite System

Metronic HD Satellite Freesat Receiver

Eureka N!ergy Grand iBTC Tent and Eureka E! Power Pack

Salewa Heated Sleeping Bag

SteriPen Sidewinder Hand Powered UV Water Purifier



O’Brien Hurler

Jon Test: Tablets

Motorola Xoom

Apple iPad 2

Blackberry Playbook

Top 5: Water Pistols

Super Soaker Flash Flood Water Blaster

Nerf Super Soaker High Tide Water Gun

Nerf Super Soaker Tornado Strike

Aqua Power XR75 Water Gun

Steady Stream Water Blaster


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i am cross

I know that the lady was annoying. But seriously? I believe that was really mean of you 2! She could of almost died! She was brave enough to go in that THING. And Suzi was like do you trust me everything will be fine and she came out crying. I LOVE the gadget show and now I might not watch it again : ( poor her!

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steve burton

suntime helicopter swing seat. cannot find on your web site even though it featured on the show and was a part of your weekly prize pool. I want one . how much and where do i get it.

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This comment has been removed.

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