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Series 15 Episode 15: Gadget Triathlon

Monday 23 May 2011

Series 15 Episode 15: Gadget Triathlon

This week on The Gadget Show; Jason and Ortis went head to head in the first ever Gadget Triathlon whilst Suzi and Pollyanna got all relaxed testing the latest relaxation tech and, Jon and Pollyanna got destructive to find the Top 4 AAA Batteries.

Thanks to all of these guys who made it all happen!

A Special thanks to Bed of Nails and,The Discovery Store for providing the hamsters for the Top 5 Batteries Test.



National Water Sports Centre Nottinghamshire

Surrey Sports Park

Cadbury House Hotel

Bristol Float Centre

Challenge: Gadget Triathlon

Guildford City Swim Club

Birmingham City Cycles


Jon Test: Relaxation Gadgets

Psychometric Research

Meditations UK


Challenge: Gadget Triathlon – Part 1

Speedo Rift Pro Mask

Aquasphere Kayenne Goggles

Speedo Biofuse Training Fin

Speedo Biofuse Power Paddle

Finis Rapid Monofin

Finis Freestyle Snorkel

Aqua Lung Slingshot

Atomic Aquatics Split-Fin Smoke on Water

Force Fin Pro Force Fin

Speedo Aqua V- Cap

2XU Compression Tri Suit

Speedo TRI-ELITE Wetsuit

Challenge: Gadget Triathlon – Part 2

Pacific CarryMe DC

Pacific IF Mode

Pacific IF Reach

Dolan Seta Track Bike

Giro Advantage Helmet

Bont sub-8

Create Bikes Fixie

Challenge: Gadget Triathlon – Part 3

Technogym Run Personal Visioweb

New Balance MR1080 CP

On-Running Cloudsurfer

Skins TRI400 Tri Suit

Jon Test: Relaxation Gadgets



Inada Sogno Dreamwave

Ucrown Head Massager

Scholl Colour Pop Foot Spa

Medisana Bubble Bath Spa


Bed of Nails

Floatway Tranquility Pod

Top 5: AAA Batteries

Duracell Ultra Power

Energizer Ultra Plus

Halfords Long Life

Maplin Extra Long Life


series 15, Episode 15 Gadget Triathlon, Featured on the show

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Come on guys. Otis sells himself as being fit and, I am sorry, even though his swimming style is far less style and far more drown it was pathetic. I am a 38 year old IT geek (worked in IT my entire working career) and I lay down the challenge tot he Gadget show. I will take you on without any tech in a Olympic Distance triathlon and I am sure I will show you how it is done. Keith

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Ortis..... I'm not picking on you (honest).... People (cycle couriers for example) in the city use the fixed wheel bike because of the far reduced service costs. These don't have expensive gears and chains that need to be replaced every other service (every 3 months normally) but all the other 'service' costs such as brake pads etc don't need to be replaced. A far better city bike for a normal person is a hybrid or a mountain bike with 'slick' wheels. Come on Ortis, dont let cyclists down.

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Seems like I'm the only one driven crazy about your triathlon but up side is the sports science bit, that is really great, pity it is not easily available to everyone. You can get something similar at most gyms but, to be honest, it is a bit of a con using statistical means rather than your actual data. Ortis's shameless plug for his shoes at the end was a little too much (especially given he was walking on the return at the poultry 500 metre mark). A real triathlon with full distances (come on; the Olympics are coming to London and you can't even do an Olympic 1.5/40/10 km tri). Can you imagine that little fold up bike doing it hard over 40km? My challenge stands but I fear that, given the challenge was made early in the program, Ortis could actually finish any of the legs.

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Nathan Stratton

Otis, was it me or did you have your tri suit on the wrong way round? I have am worried, because if you didn't then I have been wearing mine around the wrong way for the last year! Well done though on bringing triathlon to the masses!

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Why, when the whole point of the Gadget Show is to look at and talk about gadgets, is it impossible to play any of your videos on an iPad/iPhone - it needs flash!!!! Come on Gadget Show. Get with the technology....

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I'm with you Keith. I'm do sprint distance tri's and was pretty disapointed with the Gadget Show's "attempt" at one. I propose a challenge... maybe not an olympic distance but at least a sprint. Use gadgets that are actually legal in a BTF endorsed event to start with.

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Like the idea about the Laxman relaxation goggles. They should make an app for the iphone then they would not need to supply the MP3 or headphones, just the goggles,so they could sell it for cheaper and at a lower price more people could afford. plus making it into an app would make it available for a broarder audiance and plus the obvious benefits of having all your gadgets on one device. What do you think?

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ryan douglas

jus a follw up to nathans comment-i noticed too---- otis did have his skins suit in back to front lol ,the zip is supposed to go on the front!

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