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Series 15 Episode 12: Gadget Party

Tuesday 03 May 2011

Series 15 Episode 12: Gadget Party

This week on The Gadget Show Suzi and Ortis we’re given 24 hours to turn a run down warehouse into 2 high-tech nightspots to impress Kirk Norcross from The Only Way is Essex, Jon tested the latest toning shoes, Pollyanna got to grips with the Flyrad and Jason got gaming to put together his top 5 gaming Apps.

Thanks to all of these guys who made it all happen!


Challenge: Gadget Party

LEDION Quad Flex for providing the LED Strip

Bespoke Lighting Rig & Stargate supplied by ExtraDMT

Sonos S5 & Sonos Controller 200 (CR200)

Pro Display Sound Pod

Pro Display Canvas Art Wall Speakers

Vivid G2 Giya

Chord Electronics

Audience response technology by IML Worldwide


Feature: Flyrad


The inline skates used in conjunction with the Flyrad are courtesy of Loco Skates

Finsbury Park

Jon Test: Toning Shoes

Mahuta Raven

FF Supertone M

Shape-ups Kinetix S R T Masterson


Challenge: Gadget Party

Ferguson Hill FHOO9 Home Theatre System

Orbitsound T12 Soundbar

Dynaudio Speakers

12’ x 12’ dance floor

Microchip Petporte Smart Flap

PQ Labs iTable

The Glow Company Colour Change Outdoor Cube

The Glow Company Illuminated Coffee Table

Prolight LEDJ Funky Floor Panel

LEDION Quad Flex 5M Wireless Setup

Bluelaser Touch Screen Karaoke

Nintendo uDraw Tablet & uDraw Studio

Niteglow FX CO2 Canon

Djay App

Hollywood Home Bar with Colour Change Lighting

BarGoGo Transformer Portable Bar

Chrome Bar Caddy Starter Kit

Sound Responsive LED Drink Stirrers

‘Cheers’ Flashing LED Projector Glass

ElectraPour Light Up Pourer

Flashing LED Blue Martini Glass

Ridge Bar Stool White

Kiriko Swivel Bar Stool Black

Buttckicker LFE

Jon Test: Toning Shoes

Mahuta Raven

FF Supertone M

Shape-ups Kinetix S R T Masterson


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Great show on Monday, that Chord gear had me bribbling like a kid! So quick question...To OD mainly. What watch were you wearing, the big wopper? And what's the best way of removing dribble marks off an LCD tv? lol. Only messing. Cheers guys.

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I can not find the Ledion Quadflex that you used on your show. Did you get it from this website?

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