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Getting the right broadband deal for you

Monday 17 November 2008

Broadband is a hot topic at The Gadget Show which is why Jon has spent the last few weeks researching broadband deals, trying to uncover the secrets behind bagging the best one for you. As Jon points out, as there are thousands of deals around, it’s near on impossible to wade through them all, so follow his top tips to getting the one that suits you best.

Speed is the biggest issue and Jon has some handy tips to work out what kind of service you need for your use. Price is also pretty key but Jon’s top picks give a good idea of what you can expect to get for your money.


broadband, sky

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How come broadband suppliers can get away with dragging their feet when you want to switch providers so they can charge you even more money for a service they are not providing you? How about a campaign similar to your connection speed crusade. Also how much money should be returned to the customers when the reductions in VAT were not introduced for two months?

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I concur with Brett's comments. I've tried to switch from AOL to BT and need a MAC code from AOL to do this. Despite the regulations saying they have to provide this within 5 days, 2 weeks on I'm still waiting. AOL have put every obstacle in my way, even saying that they can't confirm my address and phone number as the account holder (which hasn't changed in 15 years) and then hanging up!!! Ofcom have no authority to take any sanctions against the broadband suppliers for this breach in regulation, so where do customers go? Come on Gadget team, start a campaign to get this sorted. It's great you telling us about the Broadband deals on offer, but if you can't, or have difficulty switching to take advantage of these deals there is no point in wetting our appetite!!

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