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15 March 2010

I think you should all look at the part of gathering info in a different way, like, 'So that's how they got my information and stole my identity. Let me make sure that no one else can access my information like that again!' If you know how people can access the info then you know how to block it! You might be cleaver enough to not show all your details on facebook, but if you never knew about something like then you probably would never have thought to try to get your information off the site....... any way I was going to mention something else, about Suzi, Otis and Jason's disappointment in 'reality vs movie', the fact is there is a HUGH difference between technology that is available to all the public, available at a price to the public and that which is not available at all to the public. One instance of that is your problem with 'satellite tracking'. You were complaining that some company couldn't provide you with video feed of Dublin because the satellites were moving too fast.......ever heard of Geo-stationary satellites??? I think if you had access to the real high tech stuff that has been developed for military use, you wouldn't be disappointed!

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