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Episode 2: Iceland - UAVs

Monday 12 November 2012

Episode 2: Iceland - UAVs Jase & Polly captures some amazing video with the help of the latest high tech UAVs

Jase & Polly head to Iceland’s Thingvellir National Park to get hands on with with two unmanned aerial vehicles with built in cameras as they attempt to capture some breathtaking scenery. See them both in action right here…..

For more info on all of the products featured click any of the links below!


Parrot AR Drone 2.0
Best Price: £227.44
AR Drone

Aibot X6
Best Price: £34,800

With thanks to all these people for making the above possible!

Promote Iceland



Þingvellir National Park


UAVs, Iceland, Episode 2, AR Drone 2.0, aibot x6

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Mark Slater

What £34K for that !! They saw you coming and sold you a toy ! Guys if you are going to do a piece on Drone Video then you need to look at DJI Wookong, with the Zenmuse gimbal on something like their S800 frame. The drone should be able to handle loss of signal and fly itself back and land on the spot ! That drone you have really is cringeworthy.

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Gary Collins

What a load of rubbish you should do better research there are better systems much cheaper and much more stable doh!

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James jellico

Very poorly researched article on UAV's. A professional aerial filming platform needn't cost more than £6k at the absolute tops! For around £3k - £5k there are UAV's available with much higher specs than the £34k one you showcased. All capable of lifting a DSLR, and with gyroscopically stabalised gimbals. Plus they would automatically return to home if the signal was lost. You also made a big thing about the GPS positioning system. Hobby UAV's costing less than £200 can have this facility and operate autonomously too. All in all, a very poorly researched article which was misleading in many ways and an article which clearly demonstrated that Channel 5's Gadget Show is not in touch with the latest technologies and developments.

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Aibotix Aibot X6, Please...... You could have 3 fully loaded "S800 Spreading Wings HexaCopters" systems for that sum of money and still had money left over for loads of batteries! (Oh and it will not just take a walk off towards moving traffic without you saying it may do so!) The video from the X6 looked like it was taken on a boat in the open seas, what a huge investment for such poor returns, I think you might want to take a look at this video of what a Zenmuse can produce when it comes to video output and stability, you will see it is like a tripod in the sky! The Zenmuse Mount: The Video of how stable it is when shooting video (In wind!!):

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Gavin Yeo

oh dear £34,000!!! AVOID and buy/build something for £2K - £6K, for a professional UAV and Very hi spec camera. Wish you guys would show more up to date hobbyist affordable type stuff

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