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02 August 2010

I have an ipad, I love it, I mean i really love it. Again apple hit the market and people calling it an over sized iphone, maybe yes we all have the image of Dom Jolly running around shouting HELLOOOOOOOOO! into it, Now as with most of the iphone wanna bees, copying the design style, shall we be waiting for another load of ipad clones or will the competition actually wow us with a completly new design from the ground up, what will they do different to make it stand out. I'd whole heartedly agree that apple is pricey, but anything i have bought apple i have never looked at it and said i'm unhappy about my buy, not like microsoft I've had enough them. with that said, £25 for a bumper, £25 ARE YOU MENTAL, apple really need to take a step back there and think yeah maybe a £5 would look better, although we're all getting one for free now, I don't need one but hey it's free and i'll be having it lol. Just like the IT Crowd, Getting something Apple for free, we're living the dream

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