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Ortis has been obsessed with all things gadget-esque since he was a kid as well as being a massive sci-fi movie fan, ...


All about the game!

Friday 09 October 2009

Ortis gets creative and makes his own online games

Fancy yourself as a bit of a games developer but never really had the technical know-how to create your own platformer or schmup? Well I went online to check out Sploder – an online games site that allows you to create, play, email and embed you game into your favourite networking sites.

Sploder’s a bit like LittleBigPlanet on a more simplified scale. Play games created by others or invent your own game. How? Well forget complex code writing and expensive gaming equipment. You’re walked through the process of creating a game, and provided with the tools to make your crazy, whacky game ideas into a reality for everyone to play.

Just pick everything you need to create your game from a side-scrolling menu on the side of the screen. Then it’s just a case of building it. You get to pick the type of game, what’s in it and how complex it is. Then, when you’re ready, you can test it before uploading it for everyone to have a go. The graphics aren’t the most cutting-edge around, but it’s a fragging good time.

Have you created any games on Sploder? Let us know in the comments section below…


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Thank you for including sploder in your show. From dogfox3000 soldier of sploder.

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I have an account on sploder and I have been on for exactly one year now and I got to say I like it (play my grandquest/grand.universe games

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Sploder is awesome. If you decide too join I look forward too seeing you there. Sincerely, milkcow/soldier of sploder

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Go SPLODER.Play 10 Clues

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YES! thanks once again for putting Sploder on T.V. I'm also a member of the Sploder community. Ecept i'm only a private. :(

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Thanks once again for putting Sploder on T.V. I'm also a member of the Sploder Community. Except i'm only a private. :)

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Thank you for inculding sploder in your show. Hope it attracts some mature members and non-noobs. From cyclone43, soldier of sploder.

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Thankyou for showing Sploder on TV. This might bring in some more members. Anyway, thanks from the Sploder community and myself, a Major and Editor on Sploder.

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Sploder rocks. It is much better than playCrafter. Oh and btw my best game is either Perilous Building or The Orcana.

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thank you for putting Sploder into this. From Qaz246 a Major on the forums.

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Hi I have almost been on sploder for a year I live in britain and sploder has got to be the best website ever.

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You really need to know how to play sploder and how to make better games. And GO SPLODER

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Go Sploder!!!13 featured games and more to come.;) :)

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Thanks for putting Sploder on T.V! From spoofig, soilder of Sploder.

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Thank you for including sploder in this video, hopefully this will gather some mature members who will contibute positively towards the sploder community.

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Sploder is the best website EVER! I am STILL not over sploder. I have been playing sploder for years. Play my games on sploder:

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I've used Sploder for 4 years and there's never been a boring moment.. Visit to play my games.

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i love spoder, i made a series of games called escape from roboworld, its awesome!

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