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5 top summer gadgets that Jon Bentley has reviewed

Tuesday 19 July 2011

5 top summer gadgets that Jon Bentley has reviewed

With the Gadget Show taking a break until August 19th, we’ve missed seeing the latest and greatest toys on TV. Thankfully, our very own Jon Bentley has been out and about with some excellent gadgets. Read on to find out more.

The Gadget Show may have been off the air over summer, but that doesn’t mean the guys have been taking a break from the latest toys. Quite the opposite, in fact, with our own Jon Bentley getting his hands on some cutting edge tech over the past few days and weeks.

HTC Flyer One of the latest gadgets that Jon has been playing with is the HTC Flyer. With the introduction of the Eee PC Transformer, the iPad 2 is already facing some tough foes, but what does Mr Bentley think of the Flyer?

You’ll have to check out our video for the full verdict, but “it’s quite well designed”, “feels brisk” and has “a very good screen” all pop up in the review. Unfortunately, Jon also thinks that the Flyer is “very expensive”.

Sony Handycam NEX VG10E Along with digital cameras and portable games consoles, camcorders have faced a difficult time recently as smartphones get better and better at doing, well, everything! Is there still a place for the humble camcorder? Jon got his hands on the Handycam NEX VG10E, and was very impressed with the image quality.

The NEX VG10E features the same APS-C lenses from Sony’s NEX range, a high-definition viewfineder, and Jon thought the “picture quality is really very good indeed”. He went on to point out that it’s “absolutely brilliant”, in fact. There are some flaws, however. Check out our web video to find out more.

Panasonic Lumix TZ20 Panasonic have an excellent range of compact cameras on the market, but does the Lumix TZ20 have what it takes to succeed? Jon has been playing with one over the past couple of weeks, and took it to the Cube in Birmingham to find out.

Jon was impressed with the 380mm equivalent zoom lens, pointing out that the TZ20 remains “impressively sharp throughout that zoom range”. Unfortunately, he went on to say “although image quality is still good, when you look at images in detail they’re not as clean or as sharp as the TZ10. One of the best cameras on sale? It’s still very good, but there are a few issues. Check out our web video for more.

Dyson digital Slim It’s not all glamour in this industry, unfortunately, and Jon has also been checking out gadgets for keeping your home clean and tidy. Can the compact Dyson Digital Slim cut it in the cleaning industry though? Once Jon managed to get it all together, he was impressed with the carbon fibre rotating head, and pointed out how manoeuvrable the little Dyson was. Performance is where vacuum cleaners earn their money though, and Jon pointed out that suction was “really impressive”. Check out the video in full.

Samsung Galaxy S II Out of all the smartphones we’ve been waiting for, the Samsung Galaxy S II was the one we wanted to get our hands on. Jon has been putting one through its paces, and it looks like the first handset to genuinely take on the iPhone 4 head to head.

He points out that it’s amazingly light, has a “glorious AMOLED touchscreen with glorously rich colours and deep blacks”, “amazingly brisk” and “quicker than an iPhone 4” when it comes to web browsing. Sounds good to us! Check out Jon’s video – he think’s the S II is “comprehensively better than an iPhone 4”.


Samsung Galaxy S II, Sony Handycam NEX VG10E, HTC Flyer, Dyson Digital Slim, Panasonic TZ20, gadgets

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