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£50 for a satnav is a pretty good deal, especially when you look at how much the F350 offers. For starters, it doesn’t require a subscription. The casing isn’t as attractive as some other examples and it looks a little chunky when suckered onto your windscreen, but it does the job. The same can be said of the software - it’s workmanlike rather than glamourous. But then what more do you need... more
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TomTom is arguably the most famous name in the world of satnav tech, and has recently been expending a lot of effort moving into smartphone apps. Thankfully it hasn’t totally abandoned the stand-alone satnav arena, and the Go Live 1005 is an excellent choice if you’re willing to move beyond the bargain basement sector of the market. It has live traffic reports, a rugged yet appealing design... more
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You might think that you’d have to be seriously potty to spend almost £300 on a Satnav in this day and age, but the Garmin nuvi 3490LMT proves that navigation can be a slick experience. It’s got a capacitive touchscreen - just like a smartphone - instead of a cheaper resistive variant, like so many other satnavs. It’s also thin and attractive, making it the kind of device you’ll be proud... more
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