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A cheap and cheerful entry into home broadband, O2's deal is aimed at existing O2 customers, and costs just £8.50 per month. For that, you'll get a 20GB data allowance. It's not the most generous, but there's not doubting that it's affordable, and it's also fast. more
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BE Broadband provides unlimited broadband, where you'll be able to download all the music or photographs you want. It costs just £17 per month, and is available as part of a 12 month contract. It's not quite as fast as some options - at 12Mb - but it's still a great deal. more
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BE Unlimited is one of the most eye catching deals around, with the award winning company offering unlimited data and a speedy 24Mb connection. At £22 per month, or £25 for customers wanting a shorter three month contract, it's the perfect deal for those wanting a hassle-free fast and capable broadband package. more
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